Turn the ‘adversity’ into ‘ opportunity’, work hard to enhance internal strength 2020-03-06

At present, the battle against the novel coronavirus pneumonia has entered a crucial stage.Ensure protection,resume production and promote the healthy and stable development of the enterprise have reached an urgent stage.In response to the influence on our work caused by this special period, all the employees took positive response to the call made by the management team for“turning the ‘adversity’ into  ‘ opportunity’, make full use of this window of opportunity , and work hard to enhance our internal strength”, the team should be quickly organized, to carry out training activities with a variety of forms in three aspects,including safety production,quality management and technology(skill) improvement, to show the new look at this very moment.

First, the new version of the “Safe Production System” was imparted to all employees through online video teaching.The speaker explained the purpose and significance of production safety, expounded the differences between the old and new systems, and explained it with specific examples for different situations in each department. Questions in regard to safety responsibilities, safety systems, safety procedures, safety operations and safety records were answered and discussed during the meeting. This training had further enhanced the safety awareness of all employees and pushed the systematism of safety production training to a new level.

Then there was a quality training for all staff. The company's quality management representative informed the construction and operation situation of the quality management system in 2019 and proposed feasible quality improvement plans for specific problems of different departments. Subsequently, the speaker made a detailed elaboration and mobilization on the significance, methods and requirements of the "Gz-lans’ Quality Year 2020 " activity, and called on each employee to carry out quality self-examination and improvement of their own work. Everyone should work together to continue to improve company's quality management system and quality assurance system and lay a good foundation for improving product quality.

In the following week, each group (section) carried out internal training or inter-departmental mutual technical training in the form of online lectures, video education, and practical operation.The content covers design accuracy and efficiency improvement, key points and specification for commissioning, construction supervision standards and construction quality, electrical welder operation specification, the use of CNC machine , and equipment installation and utilization of tools and so on.

Although most of the trainings were conducted through the Internet, the employees were very enthusiastic,with questions and answers across the screen, the atmosphere was friendly and active. The precipitate epidemic brought some challenges to the normal progress of the work, but also gave us the precious time, allowing us to review in more details about our original intention, review the past, straighten out thoughts, and plan a new journey. All staff of Gz-lans are united and stuck together, in order to be fully prepared for the peak of new design and production after the epidemic, and to fulfill every promise we have made for our customers.

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