The responsibility for safety production is heavier than”Mount Tai” 2019-12-20

In order to earnestly implement the safety production policy,which is"safety first, prevention-oriented, integrated management", and further strengthen the leadership of safety work, implement the main responsibility of company’s safety production, and prevent the occurrence of various accidents. On April 26, 2019, the Yunpu Sub-district Office organized a working conference on the safety production and prevention of serious safety production accidents in the second quarter of 2019,and our company had participated in the meeting.

At the meeting, the transportation department, the police station and the Street Security Office analyzed the situation of traffic safety, fire safety forms and the current production safety forms of the jurisdictions, and deployed the next key tasks. On behalf of our company, the manager of safety management of our company signed a targeted responsibility letter of safety production with the Yunpu Sub-district Office.

Safe production is the consistent policy and basic national policy of the party and the state. It is the basic guarantee for protecting the safety and health of workers and promoting the development of social productive forces. It is also the basic condition for ensuring the development of the socialist economy and further implementing reform and opening up. When peace and development has become the theme of the era, security becomes more important, and a peaceful and stable life needs security, the economic take-off needs security, and the development of the era needs security. After the signing of the responsibility letter, our company will furtherly refine it according to the requirements of the letter of responsibility, and carry out layer-by-layer decomposition to achieve the target responsibility. As a testing laboratory supplier,the manufacturing and installation of our products should be implemented under a safe environment,we will take more efforts to do a good job in safety management, truly follow the example of obeying the rules and disciplines, and be brave enough to fight against various acts that endanger safety,and ensure that everyone is thinking about safety at anytime and anywhere for everyone and everything around us.

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