Product launch:Washing machine performance test laboratory 2020-05-10


The lab is used for testing the performance of washing machine,it can meet the test requirement for performance evaluating or energy efficiency rating from manufacturers and third-party testing institutions.

The lab comprises three main parts,test room,test load storage room and machinery area.It provides controllable test conditions including environment temperature ,supply water temperature,supply water pressure,water hardness,supply water flow rate etc.Meanwhile,it maintains a constant temperature and humidity environment for the test load room and the pretreatment of test cloth.

Standards:(Including but not limited to )

EN 60456-2016  Clothes washing machines for household use - Methods for measuring the performance

IEC 60456-2010  Clothes washing machines for household use - Methods for measuring the performance

SASO 2692-2013  Energy labeling requirements of household washing machines

ES: 4100/ 2006  Energy efficiency of household and similar electrical appliances

Test object:

Roller washing machine,clothes dryer,pulsator washing machine and relevant products.


Item Description
Test room temperature
Test load storage room Temperature:20±2°C    RH: (65±5)%
Cold water supply
5―40°C (±0.5°C)
Hot water supply
Supply water pressure
Supply water flow rate
0―30 L/min
Supply water flow rate of reference unit
15±2 L/min
Water hardness

Test items:

Washing performance test

Wear test

Rinse performance test

Dehydration performance test

Drying performance test

Wool washing performance test

Power and current

Water consumption

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