Product launch:Train /bus air conditioner psychrometric test laboratory 2020-04-10

Function of the laboratory:

This laboratory is a basic apparatus for testing the performance of bus or locomotive air conditioner,such as cooling/heating capacity etc.In order to simulate the actual working conditions,the environmental chambers of the lab are arranged at two levels, the upper chamber simulates the outdoor side environment,while the lower chamber simulates the indoor side environment.Besides the testing for train or locomotive AC,it can also meet the test requirements of air-cooled( heat pump) water chiller unit,low-temperature air source heat pump(water chiller) unit etc.

The lab is designed to meet the safety level EXIIC(Zone 2), equipped with inflammable gases detectors and configured with monitoring system,it can test the products with R1234yf inflammable refrigerant.

Design standards(including but not limited to)

GB/T 21361-2008 Motor vehicle air-conditioning unit

JB/T 6914-1993 Test method for vehicle air-conditioning unit

QC/T 656-2000 Vehicle air-conditioning devices---performance requirement

QC/T 657-2000 Test method for Vehicle air-conditioning devices

GB/T17758-2010 Unitary air conditioners

GB/T 25127.2-2010  Low ambient temperature air source heat pump(water chilling) packages,Part 2

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