Performance Test Bench for Automotive Air Conditioner compressor

Basically,this test bench mainly uses two types of test methods, the secondary refrigerant calorimeter method and the refrigerant liquid flowmeter method,and it can also adopt other test methods specified in different standards.

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Products description

The automotive air conditioner compressor test bench can measure various parameters of the compressor including capacity, input power, COP, rotating speed,torque, input power and current for actuator(electric compressor),winding temperature rise,etc.,the amount of working stations and capacity range can be customized as per customers’ requirements.
Some patented techniques owned by our company are applied, such as the energy-saving function by using variable capacity refrigeration units, realizing the control of low suction overheating condition by using the suction cooling technology,adopting the OCR(Oil Circulation Rate) system to measure and control the oil rate of the compressor online,it increases the testing efficiency a lot.

Design standards(including but not limited to)

GB/T 21360—2018   GB/T 21360—2008   Refrigerant compressor for automobile air conditioning
GB/T 22068—2018   Electrically driven compressor assembly for automobile air conditioning
GB/T 5773-2015   The method of performance test for positive displacement refrigerant compressors
QC/T 660-2000    Test method of automobile air-conditioning compressors

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