Ozone,VOCs and Air Purifier Test Room

The Ozone,TVOC&Air Purifier Test Room includes the ozone content ratio test room,the TVOC emission test room,the air purifier test room,and the air filter test room.

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Products description

The test room can be designed to test the VOC emission rate of the furniture and decoration material;The CADR,CCM,and the Ozone content ratio&other parameters of the air purifier.

The test objects could be the furniture,the carpet,the mat,the curtain,the air purifier,and the chemical filter etc.

Test Standards

UL867   Electrostatic air cleaners
ANSI/AHAM AC1   Method for measuring the performance portable household electric room air cleaners
ANSI-BIFMAM7.1   Standard test method for determining VOC emissions from office furniture systems,components and seating
ANSI/BIFMA X7.1   Office furniture-test for Formaldehyde and TVOC emissions fro low-emitting panel-based workstations.
ASTM D6670   Standard practice for full-scall chamber determinations of volatile organic emissions from indoor materials/products

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