Overcome the difficulties,forge ahead and make every effort to climb up 2020-02-25

During a top management meeting held recently in Gz-lans,under the current situation that the whole nation is fighting against the epidemic and work resumption has become normal,and the circumstance that our company hasn’t fully returned back to production,the top management team proposed:Overcome the difficulties,forge ahead and make every effort to climb up.

The meeting studied and deployed the corresponding solutions and pre-arranged plans for the problems we had encountered and the possible issues we may face such as the difficulties in procurement ,business trip,and bad financial status because of the delay of the projects.All departments are required to take the initiative to innovate new working methods and implement various work arrangements actively after taking the strict and standard epidemic prevention measures.Making full use of digital working conditions to break through the bottleneck of information flow, straighten out the process of telecommuting.Adjust the project plan timely and ensure the design goes first, do what you can do right now, to pave the way for the upcoming fully resumption of production work.

Meanwhile,we should turn the “adversity” into “opportunity”,making good us of this window of opportunity,ensure an excellent implementation of the three main training courses,including safety production,quality management and technology(skill) improvement,to enhance our “internal strength” rapidly.

During the meeting,the management team also arranged a detailed schedule for “The activities in the year of quality in 2020 ”, all the staff should be mobilized ,with the revision and reexamination of ISO9000 and other international standards within this year, and through implementing the quality control activities,to improve our company's quality management system and quality assurance system,so as to improve our company's products (engineering) to a higher level and comprehensively achieve the annual quality target.

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