1993---Gz-Lans was founded,started design and construction of psychrometric test laboratory, factory inspection line for air conditioner.Number of employees:3

1998---The team was able to do complete design for psychrometric lab and started to export labs to Thailand and Malaysia.Number of employees:6

2003---Introduced Labview into the software development of air conditioning testing industry.Formed a professional construction team for laboratory installation.Development and construction of balanced ambient room type calorimeter laboratory.Number of employees:10

2005---Set up our own factory for production of the special equipment used in laboratory,it laid the foundation for technicalization and professionalization development direction.Development and construction of refrigerator performance test laboratory,-60℃~50℃ high-low temperature shock test laboratory,special air conditioning system for the showcases in museum.Number of employees:15

2007---Expanded and perfected the design and commissioning team. Designed and built the air conditioner test lab,refrigerator performance test lab for Thailand third-party international testing institution.Development and construction of locomotive air conditioner test laboratory,long-term reliability evaluation test laboratory,human comfort test laboratory,central AC performance comprehensive test laboratory.Number of employees:27

2009---Established and improved quality control system,set up the quality management department which is controlled by top management team directly.Introduced three-dimensional design and standard modular production concept.Development and construction of household/commercial compressor test facility,compressor condensing unit performance test facility,heat exchanger test laboratory,vehicle air conditioner test laboratory,heat pump water heater test laboratory.Number of employees:36

2011---Passed the management system certifications including ISO 9001,ISO 14000,OS&HS 18000.Established an independent research and development department, and carried out deeper system researches for different kind of laboratories.Development and construction of psychrometric test lab according to the North America seasonal energy efficiency standard,psychrometric test lab with anti-explosion function for flammable and explosive refrigerants such as R290,R32.Number of employees:45

2013---Awarded the title of National New High-tech Enterprise .Researched and built the “Comprehensive psychrometric test lab with multiple functions”.Exported products to different countries and regions such as Turkey,Australia,India,Canada,Hongkong etc.Development and construction of refrigerator heat exchanger performance test facility,heat pump water heater performance test lab,artificial simulated climate test laboratory,low temperature(-55℃) air enthalpy test laboratory.Number of employees:55

2015---Awarded as the “Municipal-level Enterprise Research and Development Organization in Guangzhou” and “Little technology giant enterprise”;A number of self-developed or co-developed projects were accepted and put into use,including:Company’s own multiple-function comprehensive psychrometric test laboratory got the accreditation from CNAS(China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment) ,The research and application of key technology of energy saving for experimental artificial simulated climate test chamber project won the second prize in Science and Technology of Machinery Industry of Guangdong Province.The Ozone concentration and air cleaner CADR test lab which designed according to UL standard got the accreditation from the ARB(Air Resources Board), an USA governmental organization in California. Number of employees:64

2017---Implemented some basic researches in this field,including:Research on automobile new-energy management system test laboratory,the research on blocking mechanism and testing for the refrigerant passing through the refrigeration vale, research on TVOC/ formaldehyde purification climate test chamber and so on ,and turned them into new products successfully.Development and construction of the low-temperature balanced ambient room type calorimeter according to EU seasonal energy efficiency standard and passed the certification of a well-known international third party organization.Researched and constructed the washing machine test room,solar power collector/water heater test laboratory,data monitor center for a group of labs etc.Number of employees:88

2019---Technology center was recognized by "Guangdong Engineering Technology Research and Development Center".The company had become a group member of Guangdong Institute of Refrigeration which affiliated to China Institute of Refrigeration.Researched and constructed the thermal/electronic expansion valve test facility,VRV multi-connected air conditioner air enthalpy test lab,throttling element sound test lab,air conditioner anechoic or reverberation test laboratory,plate-type heat exchanger freeze capacity test bench,remote-type refrigerated display cabinet test lab,refrigeration valve or compressor reliability test bench,the capacity of the airflow measuring chamber reached 100,000 m³/h level.Number of employees:100

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