Digging Management Potential and Facilitate Talent Development 2020-03-20

In order to fully understand the work situation of each department in 2019 and improve the management level in the future,based on the summary of every department, the company organized a work report meeting for the managerial staff below the director level from March 9th to March 12th.

The department directors,deputy department directors,department managers and the head of the engineering department reviewed the work in 2019 of their own departments respectively. During their presentation,they analyzed the personnel structure and personnel characteristics,and summarized the achievements and shortcomings of the work in last year in their departments.In addition,they showed their enthusiasm, responsibility and ability for their job,and expressed the expectation on the improvement of their future work.

The top management personnel commented on the personality characteristics, organizational ability, technical ability, and working methods of each presenter, pointed out and corrected their shortcomings in their actual work according to company's business philosophy and cultural requirement and asked them to act as a backbone of the company, and lead the employees to work hard towards the development direction of the company.

Presenters were encouraged by the recognition for their achievements, and they also openly accepted the issues mentioned.They ensured that they would seriously fulfill his responsibility and lead his subordinates to progress and develop together with the company.

Through this activity, we have discovered the strengths and weaknesses of each manager.The company will find out and promote the suitable management method in the near future, and the vice general managers will give individual tutoring to the middle-level management personnel, so that their growth can help the take-off of the company.

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