Create a golden brand with all staff participate in the activity of quality year 2020-04-10

Recently,Gz-lans has issued the "implementation plan for the quality-year activity",and now the activity has been fully rolled out .The activity focuses on the improvement of product (engineering) quality and the creation of a golden brand for the company, and through mobilizing all the staff to make sure that everyone can understand that quality is the life of the company and closely related to individual interest, so they can keep up with the pace of enterprise management at ideological level.

The implementation plan breaks down the overall goal of annual quality improvement into 29 quality improvement items for 14 functional departments/teams within the company, and quantifies and specifies the assessment requirements through monthly indexes,in order to make the employees understand that the achievement of the overall quality goal is closely related to the specific work quality of each department and the individuals. The improvement of quality needs to start from the subtle work around them, and work carefully to create the craftsman spirit with Gz-lans characteristic and different characteristics in each department.

The plan sets up a competition-style reward and punishment mechanism, and encourages employees to participate in the activity actively by creating a friendly competition atmosphere, so as to form an atmosphere of teamwork and catching up with each other.Through implementing this activity, we hope that the employees can cultivate an aggressive atmosphere inside the company to pay more attention to quality and make continuously improvement, so that the spirit of the enterprise can be elevated to a new level.

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