60Ton Air Enthalpy Test Laboratory 2019-08-09

This 60Ton air enthalpy test laboratory was built for domestic customer in 2018.

The lab contains 4 chambers,it can form different combinations as per testing request with the maximum capacity up to 60Ton.The lab is suitable for various type of air conditioning systems such as air to air type,water to air type etc.

The lab can provide high accurate indoor air enthalpy method with multiple secondary checks with outdoor air enthalpy and refrigerant enthalpy test method.

This lab covers the standards in China,USA,EU,Middle East and Australia etc. in this industry,including AHRI 1230,ISO 15042,ahri 210/240,AHRI 340/360,AHRI 390,ASHRAE 37,ISO 5151,ISO 13253,EN 14511,EN 14825,AS/NZS 3823.1,DOE Appendix M1 to Subpart B of Part 430,DOE 10 C.F.R. 431.96,SASO 2681,SASO 2682.

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