44Ton Multiple Psychrometric Type Test Laboratory 2019-08-09

This 44RT multiple psychrometric test lab was built for customer in India in 2018.

It consists of 4 rooms, indoor rooms (2sets), outdoor room with partition(considered as 2 rooms)Airflow measurement apparatus(3 sets),AHUs,CCUs,power panel,and computer system and so on.The two side-by-side outdoor rooms can be combined as same condition room when testing UUT up to 44RT.

It is designed to test room unitary air-conditioning,split type and multi split type (VRF) air conditioning products up to 22 RT & chillers up to 154kW(44RT).Two air flow measurement devices provided, thus it can test units independently,or test multi-split type units after combination.

Two indoor rooms are equipped with three airflow measuring tunnel (code tester). The code testers enable the lab to conduct precise measurement of capacity and efficiency of air conditioners or heat exchangers in accordance with the air enthalpy method described by ASHRAE 37.This facility complies with the international standard for testing AC’s rating test,and the indoor room2 complies with the standard for CSPF/HSPF(ISO 16358) evaluation. For these purposes, the degradation coefficient (CD) of UUT can be measured by a test series.Moreover,It can also measure various kinds of data including pressure and electric properties of the air conditioning units.

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